About the Journal

Focus and Scope

EKUITAS Jurnal Ekonomi dan Keuangan covers the fields of economics and finance, especially accounting, management, capital markets, business law, taxation, information systems, and other economic and financial fields.


Publisher's Responsibilities

  1. The EKUITAS Journal publisher is responsible for publishing the manuscript after editing, reviewing, and layout, following the rules for publishing Scientific Journals.
  2. EKUITAS Journal Publishers guarantee academic freedom for editors and bestari partners in their duties.
  3. The EKUITAS Journal publisher is responsible for maintaining privacy and editorial freedom.


The Editorial Team's Responsibilities

  1. The Editor of EKUITAS Journal is responsible for deciding which manuscripts are appropriate for publication through a meeting of the editorial board referring to the editorial policy of the section. Meanwhile, it is entrusted to the STIESIA Computer Center to detect plagiarism.
  2. In reviewing and accepting manuscripts, the editorial team is based on the principle of equality in deciding to publish manuscripts without discriminating against the author's race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or political ideology.
  3. The editorial team will not inform the author about who reviewed the eligibility of publication and vice versa (blind review).
  4. The editor will not use unpublished manuscripts for their benefit, and will be returned directly to the author.


Reviewer Responsibilities

  1. Reviewers assist section editors in making editorial decisions on incoming articles.
  2. Reviewers are responsible for the recommendations of the articles they review.
  3. The article review is carried out blindly and objectively and is supported by clear arguments.
  4. Reviewers are responsible for citations and references to articles they study.
  5. Reviewers must always maintain the confidentiality of information and not use information from the articles they are reviewing for their interests.


Responsibilities of Section Editors

  1. The section editor is responsible for citations and references for articles reviewed after reviewers' suggestions or input.
  2. The section editor is responsible for correcting whether what has been suggested by the reviewer has been done.
  3. The section editor is responsible for correcting whether the article is under the EKUITAS journal policies.


Author's Responsibilities

  1. The author honestly presents research articles or ideas and is free of plagiarism.
  2. The author must indicate references from the opinions and works of other people cited.
  3. The author is responsible for the confirmation submitted for the article that has been written.
  4. Authors must write articles ethically, honestly, and responsibly, following applicable scientific writing regulations.
  5. The author is satisfactory with it if the article is edited without changing the substance.


Requirements for Manuscript Submission

Authors must read and acknowledge that they have completed the following requirements prior to the submission:

  • Authors must follow the instructions already in the Manuscript Submission column and ensure the submitted article has yet to be previously published or is under consideration in another journal.
  • Manuscript files in Microsoft Word document file format
    Please enter the article into the template that we have provided
    Text that complies with library and style requirements is outlined in the Author Guidelines, which will be found on the About Us page.
  • If acceptance is for the peer-reviewed portion of the journal, instructions are found in: Ensure Anonymous Reviewers have been followed.
  • Every article that has been declared accepted by the reviewer will be tested free of plagiarism by our computer center team with a maximum limit of 20%.
  • Articles reviewed and declared for acceptance will be published immediately by paying a publication fee (submission fee) of Rp. 2,500,000 (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Rupiah) through a Bank Jatim account, No: 0321007538, on behalf of Perpendiknas, then send proof of transfer to the editor via Fax No. 031-5932218 or can be sent via email to [email protected].
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Until now, the queue for articles is ready to be published; the waiting period is more than five issues. If the authors wish to wait, please submit an article to EKUITAS Journal.


History of EKUITAS
EKUITAS is published by the Indonesian School of Economics (STIESIA) Surabaya, which was first published in June 1997, is active in the economic and financial fields, especially in the areas of accounting, management, capital markets, business law, taxation, information systems, and other economic and financial fields. EKUITAS is issued four times a year, March, June, September, and December. Articles published in EKUITAS can be in the form of research articles or conceptual articles (non-research). This scientific code of ethics statement is a statement of the code of ethics for all parties involved in the publication process of the EKUITAS scientific journal, namely managers, chief editors, editors, reviewers, and authors. The core code of ethics for scientific publications includes three ethical values in publication:

1. Neutrality, namely freedom from conflicts of interest in publication management
2. Justice, namely giving authorship rights to those entitled to be authors
3. Honesty, namely free from plagiarism in publications.