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Jurnal JIMBis mencakup bidang ilmu Manajemen SDM, Manajemen Pemasaran, Manajemen Keuangan, Manajemen Rantai Pasok, Manajemen Sistem Informasi, Kewirausahaan, Manajemen MUKM, Inovasi Bisnis.</p> id-ID jimbis@stiesia.ac.id (Rismawati) jimbis@stiesia.ac.id (Rismawati) Thu, 06 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0700 OJS http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 BRITISH SOJOURNER’S BARRIER DAN ADJUSTMENT TERHADAP INTENTION TO STAY NATIVE SPEAKER https://ejournal.stiesia.ac.id/jimbis/article/view/5123 <p><em>Several English course institutes started to employ sojourners as their native speaker tutor. The degree of intention to stay from the sojourner defines whether they choose to stay and work at their companies in Indonesia, move from their initial companies to work for other companies, or go back to their countries. The purpose of this study is to analyze effect of perceived inability to adjust and unwillingness to adjust toward general adjustment and work adjustment. This study then analyzes the effect of general adjustment and work adjustment towards intention to stay of british sojourners who works for the English course. This is a quantitative study, sample used in this study were all the natiove speakers who work in “K” and “BI” English course institution. This study used questionnaire, then to further analyze the relationship among all variables, PLS was used through SmartPLS software. This study found that there was negative effect of perceived inability to adjust and unwillingness to adjust towards general adjustment and work adjustment, among these negative effects only unwillingness to adjust towards general adjustment that showed significant result. This study also found that general adjustment and work adjustment had a positive significant impact towards intention to stay. </em></p> Okto Aditya Suryawirawan, Siti Sulasmi Hak Cipta (c) 2022 https://ejournal.stiesia.ac.id/jimbis/article/view/5123 Thu, 06 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0700 PERAN GREEN MARKETING, GREEN BRAND IMAGE TERHADAP PURCHASE INTENTION DENGAN GREEN TRUST SEBAGAI VARIABEL INTERVENING https://ejournal.stiesia.ac.id/jimbis/article/view/5131 <p>The concept of green marketing in the company as a form of attention to environmental damage issues. The company then developed to find the right marketing strategy in growing purchase intention. The bottled drinking water industry (AMDK) is one who develops green marketing. This study aims to analyze the effect of green marketing and green brand image on purchase intention through green trust, and to analyze the effect of green marketing, green brand image and green trust on purchase intention. This research uses a questionnaire measured by a Likert scale, find the sample using a non-probability method with a procedure by using purposive sampling. The total respondents in this study were 100 respondents who were consumers who had purchased Cleo bottled water. Data analysis method using partial least squares (PLS) analysis with SmartPLS software. The results reveal that green marketing and green brand image have an effect on purchase intention through green trust on Cleo bottled water products, green marketing and green trust have an effect on purchase intention on Cleo bottled water products, and green brand image has no significant effect on purchase intention on products Cleo's AMDK</p> Yahya Yahya Hak Cipta (c) 2022 https://ejournal.stiesia.ac.id/jimbis/article/view/5131 Thu, 06 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0700 PENGARUH GAYA KEPEMIMPINAN TERHADAP KINERJA: KEPUASAN KERJA SEBAGAI VARIABEL INTERVENING https://ejournal.stiesia.ac.id/jimbis/article/view/5133 <p><em>An effective leadership style in managing human resources and supported by employees' understanding of work will affect work behavior as indicated by an increase in individual job satisfaction and the performance of the unit itself, then affect the company's performance. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of leadership style on job satisfaction, leadership style on performance, job satisfaction on employee performance and the influence of leadership style on performance through the intervening variable job satisfaction. The research instrument is a questionnaire. Samples were taken as many as 100 respondents, employees of the private hospital in Gresik. Sampling using probability sampling technique. Data analysis using Path analysis by Smart PLS 3. The results showed that all 4 (four) hypotheses were proven and significant, leadership style affects job satisfaction, leadership style affects performance, job satisfaction affects employee performance and leadership style affects performance through the intervening variable job satisfaction.</em></p> Juwita Sari, Siti Rokhmi Fuadati Hak Cipta (c) 2022 https://ejournal.stiesia.ac.id/jimbis/article/view/5133 Thu, 06 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0700 PENYELESAIAN KREDIT MACET PADA PT. BANK RAKYAT INDONESIA, Tbk CABANG UNIT MULYOSARI SURABAYA https://ejournal.stiesia.ac.id/jimbis/article/view/5135 <p><em>This study aims to resolve bad or non-performing loans carried out by banks to debtors who have no prospects in trying and have good intentions in solving them. The settlement of bad debts is carried out peacefully or through legal channels. If the credit is already bad, the bank must settle the credit in various settlements. The method used in this research is to use qualitative methods and in the preparation of this study the authors conducted case and field studies at PT. BRI, Tbk at the Mulyosari Unit Branch Surabaya. In this study the characteristics of the problem related to the background and current condition of the object under study and certain aspects or functions of the company. Case Study Research analyzes in depth about certain conditions and situations to determine alternative solutions for companies experiencing bad loans.The result of this research is that if there are things that cause a jammed collateral to occur at PT. BRI, Tbk. Unit Mulyosari Surabaya branch then by completing the credit. Settlement here does not mean that all non-performing loans must be confiscated by collateral, but are resolved starting peacefully until they enter the realm of law, if the debtor does not have good intentions to solve his credit problems. The next settlement effort can be administratively first, namely resolving the collateral that is experiencing problems before a lawsuit is made to the court/judgment to carry out the execution of the objects that are guaranted.</em></p> Farida Idayati Hak Cipta (c) 2022 https://ejournal.stiesia.ac.id/jimbis/article/view/5135 Thu, 06 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0700